Derwind Stolz

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This modern offensive rubber was specially made for the backhand side. Nevertheless, the Stolz can also be used on the forehand side. In any case, the Stolz is the astounding result of a cooperation of two rubber specialists. While the Rayhe, which is also available, has a harder and very open-pored sponge, the Stolz features a slightly softer, 40° sponge which is a little bit more compact and not as open-pored as the Rayhe.

In combination with the thin topsheet, the Stolz is ideally suited for the plastic ball. The Stolz’s special construction offsets any loss of speed and spin. Due to its slightly softer sponge, the rubber is indeed optimally suited for the backhand side, which for many players is the more passive side. Speed is sufficiently high, but control does not fall short either. Despite its soft sponge, the rubber provides a surprisingly compact and dynamic feel, and the catapult effect is not too high.

The surface allows players to generate a lot of spin and is optimally adapted to the plastic ball. The rubber particularly supports spin-oriented allrounders relying on variable play. Thanks to the relatively soft sponge, the Stolz can also be combined with slightly harder blades, which can be interesting, especially if players do not only play close to the table, but also frequently from mid-distance. Players seeking slightly higher dynamics while maintaining very high spin values should check out the Rayhe, which is also available