JOOLA Maxxx 500 Table Tennis Rubber

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Introducing the JOOLA Maxxx 500 Table Tennis Rubber - the ultimate choice for players seeking maximum speed and spin. This rubber sets a new standard with its innovative features and cutting-edge technology.

Crafted with a 50° sponge, the Maxxx 500 offers unrivaled hardness, providing lightning-fast speed that will leave your opponents in awe. But what truly sets it apart is the dynamic macropore comb combination (Geo Sponge Technology) and unique pimple geometry (Geo-Force Technology), delivering exceptional sensitivity and incredible spin.

Whether you're a dedicated player with a busy training schedule or simply crave the X-factors of a top-quality rubber, the Maxxx 500 will exceed your expectations. With extreme speed, extra high spin, and precise control, this rubber empowers you to dominate the game like never before.

Experience the pinnacle of performance with the JOOLA Maxxx 500 Table Tennis Rubber. Step up your game and unleash your true potential on the table.