Victas VO>102 Table Tennis Rubber

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Introducing the Victas VO>102 Table Tennis Rubber – a game-changing innovation meticulously crafted by VICTAS. Elevate your game with this High Energy Tension pips-out rubber, featuring a unique geometry of short and slightly wider pimples. Experience the power to unleash your own spin variations while enjoying direct ball feedback and exceptional control.

Designed with an elastic sponge and High Energy Tension Technology, combined with a speed-focused pips-out top rubber sheet, the VO>102 delivers unrivaled playing characteristics that even top players will find inspiring. Benefit from the expertise of our Japanese pips-out specialists and German rubber design know-how (GJ Tec).

Unleash your potential on the table with the Victas VO>102 Table Tennis Rubber – where innovation meets excellence.