Xiom Musa III

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Musa III from XIOM has a technological platform of HYPER ELASTO which applies to most of the professional rubbers of XIOM. HYPER ELASTO boosts actual winning probability. Aggressive but safe ball trajectory made by the advanced spin-charging mechanism of HYPER ELASTO increases the probability of success in rally. HYPER ELASTO rubbers used by players world-wide have proved it in real life games for many years.
Modern table tennis strategy developed from China emphasizes the importance of close-to-table control. Accurate service, controlled service return, tactical pre-attack rally, and solid close-to-table topspins has become the mainstream of modern table tennis. MUSA III, newly tuned from HYPER ELASTO, promotes your winning probability in these mainstream tactics with the new mechanism. Innovative controllable accuracy and new ball-clicking dynamics of the rubber formula allow players to creatively make tactical ball-trajectories around the table. MUSA III will also reduce your unforced errors dramatically; you will find yourself dominating the pace of the game.