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Take your table tennis skills to the next level with the new YASAKA EARLEST CARBON+ Table Tennis Blade!

Key features:

  • Made in China and approved by the Japan Table Tennis Association for tournament play
  • Carbon layers provide extra power and speed for aggressive offensive play
  • 5-ply wood construction offers control and stability
  • Lightweight design improves maneuverability and quickness

The YASAKA EARLEST CARBON+ Table Tennis Blade is designed to give you the best of both worlds - the tradition and feel of a 5-ply wood blade combined with the speed and power boost of carbon fiber. Two carbon layers are strategically sandwiched between the wood plies to add some extra pop to your shots without sacrificing control. The carbon provides a crisp, firm feeling on contact to help drive the ball deep with pace and spin. Even though carbon fiber has been added, the blade still remains lightweight and quick through the air for fast reaction times.