Yasaka Mark Carbon Table Tennis Blade

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Feel The Power With The Yasaka Mark Carbon Table Tennis Blade

This innovative table tennis blade gives you the aggressive power and control you need to dominate the table. With its ultra-thin carbon mounted on Markwood, it adds a repulsive force for more explosive shots.

Key Features:

  • Made in Sweden with quality Markwood and carbon construction
  • Adds power and stability for aggressive play
  • Approved by the Japan Table Tennis Association

The Yasaka Mark Carbon has an extra layer of carbon fiber which provides outstanding power and speed to your strokes. The thin carbon mounted on the high control Markwood helps you unleash those lightning-fast forehand loops and backhand drives. It also gives you the stability and balance you need for consistent, accurate placement.

With its blend of speed, power and control, the Yasaka Mark Carbon is the versatile weapon of choice for competitive players looking to step up their game. It's designed to suit a wide range of playing styles, from close-to-the-table counter hitters to away-from-the-table loopers. No matter your skill level, the Mark Carbon gives you the confidence to attack the ball while maintaining pinpoint control.

Bring your A-game to the table and feel the carbon power with the Yasaka Mark Carbon. This exceptional blade is made for competitors ready to dominate.