Butterfly Primorac Carbon Table Tennis Blade

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Introducing the Butterfly Primorac Carbon Table Tennis Blade – the perfect choice for power play. This blade combines the strength of Carbon Fiber with Cypress layers, delivering an irresistible power style that will take your game to new heights. With a reaction rate of 12.5 and vibration level of 13.3, you can expect unparalleled speed and control.

Named after the Croatian legend, Zoran Primorac, this is one of our fastest and best-selling carbon blades of all time. Its 3-ply construction, weighing approximately 88g, ensures a solid and stable feel during intense matches. Measuring 157x150mm, this regular-sized blade is designed for offensive players seeking an aggressive playing style.

Crafted in Japan with utmost precision and expertise, the Primorac Carbon Blade guarantees exceptional quality and performance. Upgrade your game today with this champion's choice. Experience the power, speed, and control that sets this blade apart from the rest.