Butterfly Mizutani ZLC Table Tennis Blade

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Introducing the Butterfly Mizutani ZLC Table Tennis Blade, a collaborative masterpiece with Jun Mizutani that propels your game to unprecedented heights. Tailored for attacking players, this blade boasts an impressive reaction rating of 12.5 and a vibration rating of 11.6, ensuring a perfect blend of control and power.

Named in homage to the iconic Japanese player, Mizutani Jun, this blade incorporates the groundbreaking Super ZL-Carbon technology. Surpassing conventional fibrous materials, this advanced composite material delivers remarkable reaction speed and heightened control. The expanded high-reaction area propels your shots to new heights, instilling the confidence to dominate the game.

With a 5-ply construction and 2 layers of Super ZLC, this OFF+ class blade offers a rapid speed with a medium feel. The regular-sized blade measures 157x150mm, while the FL handle size is 100x24mm, and the ST handle size is 100x22mm.

Experience the unparalleled quality and precision of Butterfly's Mizutani ZLC Table Tennis Blade—crafted with pride in Japan. Elevate your game and unlock your true potential on the table!