Butterfly Tackiness Chop Table Tennis Rubber

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Introducing Butterfly Tackiness Chop Table Tennis Rubber - the ultimate weapon for choppers and defensive players. Designed with a sticky/tacky surface and a soft sponge, this rubber delivers unmatched spin without requiring big swings. Its reduced speed ensures exceptional control, making it perfect for players who rely on their opponents' mistakes.

For maximum effectiveness, pair Tackiness Chop with anti spin or long pips rubbers like Super Anti or Feing Long II. This combination creates unpredictable variations that will keep your opponents on their toes, increasing your chances of winning crucial points.

The inverted chopping rubber generates high levels of spin and is ideal for defensive players who want to unleash heavy underspin against their opponents. To enhance its performance, use Tackiness Chop with Butterfly blades such as Diode V, Gionis Carbon Allround, Hadraw Shield, or Boll Allround.

Experience the power of Butterfly Tackiness Chop - the perfect blend of control, spin, and precision. Assemble it with Butterfly Free Chack table tennis glue for optimal results. Dominate the game with this exceptional rubber.


  • Surface: High Friction Pimples-In
  • Speed: 16
  • Spin: 16
  • Arc: 27
  • Hardness: 32