Butterfly Tenergy 80 FX Table Tennis Rubber

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Discover the harmonious blend of spin and speed with the Butterfly Tenergy 80 FX Table Tennis Rubber. This exceptional rubber integrates the softer FX version of Spring Sponge technology, High Tension rubber, and a tacky surface to deliver a distinctive and adaptable playing experience.

Tailored for players of all styles, the Tenergy 80 FX ensures consistent explosive power throughout its lifespan, eliminating the need for speed glue or boosting. With comparable speed to Tenergy 25 and nearly as much spin as Tenergy 05, it boasts a lower throw angle, excelling in all-round topspin play and proving particularly effective for blocking and smashing.

For optimal performance, pair the Tenergy 80 FX with Butterfly blades such as Balsa Carbo X5, Mizutani Jun Super ZLC, Timo Boll ALC, Viscaria, Innerforce Layer ZLC, and more.

Unleash your peak performance with the Butterfly Tenergy 80 FX Table Tennis Rubber. Enhance the combination by using Butterfly Free Chack II table tennis glue when assembling your Tenergy rubbers for an unbeatable setup.

Surface: High Tension Pimples-In
Speed: 83
Spin: 61
Arc: 63
Hardness: 32