Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC Table Tennis Blade

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Introducing the Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC Table Tennis Blade, a high-performance model designed for serious players seeking the perfect balance of power and control. With its Arylate-Carbon construction, this blade delivers exceptional reaction and control, making it ideal for attacking players.

Featuring a mid-fast speed and a soft feeling, this 5-ply blade offers the perfect combination of speed and touch. The blade size of 157x150mm provides ample surface area for precise shots, while the FL handle size of 100x25mm ensures a comfortable grip during intense matches.

Weighing approximately 88g and with a blade thickness of 5.7mm, this table tennis blade offers the perfect weight and thickness for optimal performance. Its class OFF rating guarantees explosive power without compromising control.

Upgrade your game with the Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC Table Tennis Blade – the choice of champions. Experience the winning combination of power, control, and precision that will elevate your skills to new heights.