Customised Bat - Beginner Level Set 3

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Yasaka Mark V Rubber: Yasaka Mark V is one of the oldest and well known rubbers in the history of this sport. Originally released in 1969, this rubber helped revolutionize table tennis by proving that a heavy topspin attacking style was not only viable, but would also become the dominant style of table tennis from the 1970s all the way to today. These days, Mark V is still characterized by its grippy surface, medium sponge, and superb control. Today, it is a solid choice for beginners with an allround blade and all the way up to high level play when boosted and on a more offensive blade.

Andro Good: andro GOOD – a classic rubber with incredible feeling and a lot of control. Simply GOOD.The medium sponge guarantees excellent balance of speed and feel for the ball.The spinny top sheet was designed for a solid topspin and block style.andro GOOD – developed for players with traditional playing styles and young players making their first steps into table tennis.

Butterfly Jonyer Blade: The most popular blade in this class during recent years. Many players love the comparable Hinoki feel, found in the JONYER-H and several of the carbon blades. Over time, the comfortable Redwood handle shapes to your grip. The FL version has a more compact head than the AN. * This blade was a legend in the 1970’s used by the 1975 World Champion Istvan Jonyer of Hungary * Consisting of Hinoki and Cypress wood * Fast loopers blade light weight and durable, explosive power with good control.

Yinhe Racket Shaped Bat cover: Best cushioning for the bats.

Racket Assembly Service: Includes sticking of both the rubbers on the bat, using water based glue and edge tape on the sides of the bat.