Derwind Rahye

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The Rayhe is an offensive rubber specially developed for the plastic ball. What is exciting about this rubber is the fact that 729 Friendship developed it in cooperation with the German rubber specialist ESN. Therefore, the Rayhe is the result of both German and Chinese rubber expertise, and players will probably notice this immediately.

The rubber was specially developed for the Asian market to meet the requirements of the new plastic ball. Given that the plastic ball allows for less speed and spin, many players are looking for material solutions. The Rayhe comes with a hard, extremely open-pored 45° sponge as well as with an untacky but extremely grippy and spinny surface. Furthermore, the topsheet is relatively thin when compared to other modern Tensor rubbers.

Offensive players relying on both speed and spin will highly appreciate this rubber. Thanks to its very dynamic sponge, the rubber provides very good speed. From mid-distance, players always have the impression of possessing sufficient power, even in combination with slightly softer and slower rubbers. The open-pored sponge creates great control despite the rubbers high speed.

The sound, which is an important aspect for many players, is also impressive. Counter-attacks and blocks can be performed with precision and lots of vigour. The Rayhe strengths come into play when the ball is hit tangentially, thus producing lots of spin. The sponge and the topsheet go together almost perfectly, allowing for high-spin strokes. Depending on the players technique, points can be won through high-rotation topspin strokes or through relatively hard smash spins.