Derwind Rahye Table Tennis Rubber

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Introducing the Derwind Rahye Table Tennis Rubber, a game-changer for offensive players seeking optimal speed and spin with the plastic ball. Developed through a collaboration between 729 Friendship and German rubber specialist ESN, this rubber combines the best of both Chinese and German expertise.

Crafted specifically for the Asian market, the Rayhe addresses the challenges posed by the plastic ball's reduced speed and spin. Its hard, open-pored 45° sponge provides exceptional power, while the untacky yet incredibly grippy surface ensures maximum spin. The relatively thin topsheet, unlike other modern rubbers, enhances control without compromising speed.

With the Rayhe, offensive players can rely on its dynamic sponge for impressive speed and power, even when paired with softer rubbers. Precision counter-attacks and blocks are executed effortlessly, thanks to its impressive sound and vigour. The rubber truly shines when hit tangentially, producing remarkable spin.

Whether it's high-rotation topspin strokes or powerful smash spins, the Derwind Rahye Table Tennis Rubber delivers unrivaled performance. Experience the perfect harmony of sponge and topsheet that allows you to dominate the table with your winning shots