DHS Hurricane 9-BLUE Table Tennis Rubber

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Meet Your New Secret Weapon - The DHS Huricane 9-BLUE Table Tennis Rubber

  • Lightning-fast speed and thunderous power
  • Super sticky blue sponge optimized for 22 degrees
  • Flexible pimples adapt to different playing styles
  • Part of the DHS Huricane Colourful series

Tired of lackluster shots that get easily returned? Bring the thunder to the table tennis court with the DHS Huricane 9-BLUE rubber. Its flexible pimples provide dynamic spin and speed for versatile play, while the 22-degree blue sponge launches cannon-like power on every stroke. Your opponents won't know what hit them! Smash through their defense with the Huricane 9-BLUE and watch them scramble.

Designed for competitive players seeking a blend of speed and devastating power. Add the Huricane 9-BLUE to your paddle and prepare to dominate the court like never before!