Donic Acuda S2 Table Tennis Rubber

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Experience the perfect balance of power and control with the Donic Acuda S2 Table Tennis Rubber. Designed for players ranging from power allrounders to offensive players, this rubber is particularly well suited to those who prioritize controlled spin.

With its spin-optimized rubber, medium-soft sponge, and medium-pore structure, the Donic Acuda S2 provides dynamic gameplay, incredible accuracy, and an impressive level of spin. Its spin-elastic surface ensures maximum ball grip, while the satisfyingly loud sound adds to the overall immersive playing experience. Upgrade your game with the Donic Acuda S2 Table Tennis Rubber.

control: 7-
speed: 9+
spin: 10++
hardness: Medium
surface: spin-elastic
Characteristics: AR +, OFF, OFF -
DONIC-Technology: FD3 Technology