Donic Persson Exclusive OFF Table Tennis Blade

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Experience the power and precision of the Donic Persson Exclusive OFF Table Tennis Blade. Designed for offensive players seeking versatility and power, as well as power all-round players, this blade delivers exceptional performance on the table.

Crafted with 5 veneers, including a kiri core veneer, koto layers (2+4), and a limba outer veneer (1+5), it offers a dynamic and responsive feel. With its relatively hard combination of veneers, this blade provides incredible power for fast topspins and hard shots.

Enjoy harmonious playing characteristics and excellent control with this high-quality blade. Available in four different speed versions, it's the perfect choice for those who demand both speed and control.

control: 7
speed: 7+
elasticity : speed elastic
weight: 85
layers: 5
Characteristics: AR +, OFF, OFF -