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Dr.Neubauer Gorilla Table Tennis Rubber

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Introducing the Dr.Neubauer Gorilla Table Tennis Rubber, the new benchmark for blocking close to the table. This revolutionary Anti-Topspin rubber is perfect for players looking to enhance their blocking game against strong topspin shots. With its outstanding playing characteristics, Gorilla offers an excellent disruptive effect while maintaining good control.

Whether you prefer a versatile game using aggressive pushing and lifting or enjoy chopping, Gorilla delivers exceptional performance. It allows you to return the ball short or long over the net, making it challenging for your opponent to keep looping. Its good control ensures easy returns of services, both passively and aggressively.

Experience enhanced backspin when returning strong topspin shots with Gorilla. For the best disruptive effect, pair it with the 0.6mm sponge. Choose Gorilla and be amazed by its good control and highly disruptive effect.

Available in Red and Black colors, Gorilla is designed to elevate your table tennis game.

Speed: 75 Control: 80 Disruptive Effect: 100