Flick 1 Star Club Table Tennis Balls - Pack of 144

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Elevate your table tennis game with the Flick 1 Star Club Table Tennis Balls - Pack of 144. This bulk pack is perfect for clubs, coaches, and players who need a substantial supply for consistent practice and casual matches. Each ball conforms to the standard 40+ mm size, ensuring reliable bounce and consistent play, meeting tournament and training standards.

Despite being rated 1-star, these balls provide dependable performance suitable for practice sessions, recreational play, and club-level tournaments. Endorsed by the Table Tennis Federation of India (T.T.F.I.), they adhere to strict quality standards. Crafted for durability, they withstand regular use without losing shape or integrity.

Ideal for players of various skill levels, from beginners to intermediate, these balls cater to both training sessions and casual matches. The cost-effective bulk pack offers significant savings per ball, making it an economical choice for clubs and players. Trust FLICK Club 1-Star Table Tennis Balls for reliable, consistent performance every time you play.