Flick Ball Holder & Roller

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1. The FLICK Ball Box provides effortless storage for up to 12 table tennis balls, ensuring they are always organized and ready for use.
2. Featuring a smooth rubber roller, this box allows seamless transportation of balls to and from the table without any hassle.
3. Crafted from high-quality materials, the durable construction of the box offers robust protection against impacts, ensuring the safety and longevity of your balls.
4. With a secure closure system, the box keeps your balls safely enclosed, preventing accidental spills or loss during transit.
5. The portable design of the box makes it perfect for carrying in your bag or equipment case, ideal for players on the go.
6. Designed for convenient accessibility, the box allows swift retrieval of balls during gameplay, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted match experience.
7. Suitable for various settings, from casual games to professional tournaments, the FLICK Ball Box provides a consistent and reliable ball storage solution.
8. The organized storage offered by the box enhances gameplay by allowing players to focus solely on the game, eliminating distractions caused by scattered balls.
9. Built to withstand regular use, the FLICK Ball Box and Rubber Roller maintain their functionality and reliability over extended periods, ensuring long-lasting performance.
10. Serving as both a storage unit and a convenient roller, this accessory streamlines your table tennis experience, offering convenience and efficiency in one package.