Flick Return Board with 2 Wheels (Set of 2)

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Introducing the Flick Table Tennis Return Board, a must-have for both beginner and advanced table tennis players. Whether you lack a playing partner or want to enhance your skills, this Web Rebounder is the ideal tool to elevate your game. Improve your strength, speed, accuracy, and consistency with this exceptional Table Tennis return board.

The Flick Table Tennis Return Board offers a unique feature with its adjustable mounting system, allowing you to customize the board's position to your preference. Not only can you adjust the angle for warm-up sessions, but also for serving, forehand and backhand topspin drives, looping drills, footwork drills, and creating setups for killshots.

Setting up the Web Rebounder is a breeze. Simply attach the two tripods to the board and place it behind the table. With a size of 2.5 x 2.5 feet and a thickness of 18 mm, this blue-colored board is both compact and durable. Enhance your table tennis skills with the Flick Table Tennis Return Board and take your game to the next level.