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Haifu Sea Moon Booster National Yellow 100ml

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Elevate your table tennis game with the Haifu Sea Moon Booster National Yellow 100ml, renowned for its use by elite players at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This top-tier booster enhances spin and speed, delivering an exceptional ball feel that defines professional play. The improved bottle design ensures easy application, making it a favorite among the world's best.

Experience unparalleled performance by applying this powerful booster to your rubber, repeating every 24 hours for maximum effect. Remember, each layer needs to dry until the rubber flattens before reattachment with water-based glue. Boosters like Haifu Sea Moon are essential for competitive players, boosting effectiveness for up to 8 weeks.

Note: Ensure your rubber's thickness stays within ITTF regulations (4.00 mm max). Pre-boosted rubbers require minimal additional treatment. Unleash your potential with confidence and precision using Haifu Sea Moon Booster National Yellow 100ml.

Technical Specifications:

  • Volume: 100ml
  • Efficiency: 4 to 8 weeks
  • Application: Rubber only
  • Dry Time: Until flat

Achieve the ultimate edge in your matches today!