Joola Dynaryz AGR Table Tennis Rubber

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Prepare to elevate your table tennis prowess with the Joola Dynaryz AGR Table Tennis Rubber. Tailored for discerning professional players seeking top-tier performance, this rubber promises to enhance your game like never before. Boasting a distinctive purple hard Hyper Bounce sponge, it ensures unparalleled dynamics, guaranteeing every shot is both accurate and potent. With the incorporation of the Advanced Traction Surface, you'll enjoy unmatched spin and control on the table.

Crafted utilizing cutting-edge technology, the Joola Dynaryz AGR stands as a premium rubber renowned for its unmatched speed (11) and spin (10). Featuring a pip height of 0.9mm and a pip width of 1.7mm, it contributes to exceptional precision (8) and trajectory (5.5). This rubber is ideal for players who favor a firmer surface, offering a sturdy and consistent feel.

Embrace the Joola Dynaryz AGR Table Tennis Rubber and unleash your full potential on the table. Whether you're a seasoned professional or aspiring to reach such heights, this rubber is poised to revolutionize your game. Approach each match with confidence and precision, dominating the competition with ease.

This innovative design merges compact pips with a denser sponge to generate a significant ball rebound effect.

The medium to large pores of the Hyper Bounce sponge ensure efficient energy transfer, resulting in heightened spin and velocity.

With its remarkable ability to retain substantial potential energy, the Hyper Bounce Sponge delivers explosive power upon contact with the ball.