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Introducing the JOOLA VYZARYZ TRINITY Table Tennis Blade, a revolutionary innovation in the realm of table tennis! Engineered with the groundbreaking X3 super composite weave, this blade redefines power, force, sensation, and precision. Elevate your game to unprecedented levels with the JOOLA Vyzaryz Trinity!

The X3 weave is meticulously crafted by interweaving horizontal layers of PBO-C with vertical layers of ARY-C, resulting in an expanded sweet spot and a softer stroke sensation. This unique composition ensures consistent touch and feel while maintaining stability throughout. Enhanced with an outer layer of Limba, each stroke is enriched with additional touch and precision.

Crafted with top-tier materials, the JOOLA Vyzaryz Trinity embodies our dedication to craftsmanship. Sourcing composite materials from Japan and meticulously selecting handles from Italy, the assembly process in South Korea guarantees exceptional quality and performance.

With a speed rating of 8, control rating of 9, accuracy rating of 10, hardness rating of 6, and flex rating of 5, the JOOLA Vyzaryz Trinity strikes the perfect equilibrium between speed and control. Unleash your potential with this extraordinary table tennis blade.

Discover the unparalleled performance and precision of the JOOLA VYZARYZ TRINITY Table Tennis Blade today!