JOOLA Tronix ACC Table Tennis Rubber

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Elevate your topspin game with the JOOLA Tronix ACC Table Tennis Rubber, a professional-grade medium-hard rubber designed for serious players. Featuring an elastic topsheet, this rubber ensures heavy spin revolution, while the large-pored Giga-Cell Sponge provides an exquisite balance and high arch catapult effect. Perfect for offensive techniques, the JOOLA Tronix ACC offers ratings of Speed: 10, Spin: 9, and Trajectory: 6.5, ensuring unmatched precision and control.

The Advanced Traction Surface enhances friction upon ball contact, producing higher rotation and superior spin quality. With a sponge hardness rated as Medium+, this rubber is crafted for those who demand excellence in every stroke. Whether you're competing at a professional level or aiming to up your game, the JOOLA Tronix ACC Table Tennis Rubber delivers the performance you need.

Unlock your potential and dominate the table with the JOOLA Tronix ACC—where innovation meets precision.