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JOOLA Tronix CMD Table Tennis Rubber

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JOOLA Tronix CMD Table Tennis Rubber: Elevate Your Game

Experience unparalleled control and offensive prowess with the JOOLA Tronix CMD Table Tennis Rubber. Designed for close-table play, this rubber features the innovative Giga-Cell Sponge, delivering an explosive catapult effect for rapid counter-attacks. The advanced traction surface ensures superior spin and precision, allowing you to execute varied offensive strategies with ease.

The high-friction top sheet generates exceptional spin quality, giving you a competitive edge. With a speed rating of 8, spin rating of 9, and precision rating of 8, the JOOLA Tronix CMD is perfect for professional players seeking enhanced performance.

Key Features:

  • Giga-Cell Sponge: Large-pored for an eruptive reaction and higher trajectory.
  • Advanced Traction Surface: High-friction for superior spin and control.
  • Professional Ratings: Speed 8, Spin 9, Precision 8.

Join the ranks of top players who trust JOOLA’s cutting-edge technology. Upgrade your equipment and dominate the table today!