Nittaku Acoustic Table Tennis Blade

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Introducing the Nittaku Acoustic Table Tennis Blade, a must-have for offensive players looking to dominate the game. Crafted with extreme elasticity and exceptional speed, this blade guarantees an unparalleled performance on the table.

The ACOUSTIC blade, known for its lightning-fast speed, is part of NITTAKU's prestigious ACOUSTIC series, joining the ranks of the VIOLIN and VIOLONCELLO blades. Its veneer layers are meticulously constructed using premium materials, just like those used in the creation of exquisite stringed instruments.

Designed and manufactured in Japan, this blade boasts a thickness of 5.7mm and weighs approximately 88g. Its dimensions of 157 x 150mm provide optimal control and precision during intense gameplay.

Unlock your true potential with the Nittaku Acoustic Table Tennis Blade and experience the perfect blend of power, speed, and finesse. Elevate your offensive game to new heights with this exceptional piece of table tennis craftsmanship.