Stiga Cybershape Wood Table Tennis Blade

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An offensive table tennis blade featuring a revolutionary and design-protected shape, providing an optimized hitting area, is now available.
The synergy of exclusive materials and the unique Cybershape design results in a flexible blade suitable for various play styles.
Developed in collaboration with STIGA professional players, it is designed to harmonize perfectly with a wide range of STIGA table tennis rubbers.
Tests conducted in partnership with KTH reveal that Cybershape boasts a larger sweet spot positioned higher on the blade compared to standard shapes, enhancing stroke power without compromising ball control.
Crafted from premium Italian wood, the handles feature a textured surface for optimal grip without any slippery feel.
With a factory-lacquered surface and weighing between 80-85 g, Cybershape Wood represents the future of table tennis blades.
Cybershape Wood, the second blade in the Cybershape family, is a factory-lacquered, offensive blade comprising five exclusive wooden layers, designed to synergize optimally with a wide range of STIGA table tennis rubbers, catering to most playing styles.
In addition to providing a larger sweet spot and optimized hitting area, the unique Cybershape design offers clear advantages in game development and technical skill enhancement. The six edges facilitate angle adjustment, benefiting both players and coaches in achieving optimal stroke execution.
Cybershape Wood is ideal for beginners to intermediate and can support continuous improvement up to elite levels.
Control: 76
Speed: 78