Stiga Cybershape Wood CWT Table Tennis Blade

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STIGA's Custom Weight Technology (CWT) innovation empowers you to fine-tune the weight and balance of your blade using three magnetic weights of 3, 6, and 9 grams. Easily attachable to the handle's bottom via an internal magnet, this feature allows you to tailor your STIGA blade to your preferred characteristics. Learn more about STIGA Custom Weight Technology below!

Featuring a revolutionary and design-protected shape, this offensive table tennis blade offers an optimized hitting area. The symbiosis of premium materials, the distinctive Cybershape design, and customizable CWT weights makes it adaptable to various play styles.

Developed in collaboration with STIGA professional players, Cybershape Wood CWT is designed to synergize perfectly with a wide range of STIGA table tennis rubbers. Tests conducted in partnership with KTH reveal a larger sweet spot positioned higher on the blade than standard shapes, resulting in increased power in strokes without sacrificing ball control.

Crafted from high-quality Italian wood, the handles boast an optimal gripping surface with a textured finish to prevent slipping. With a factory-lacquered surface and a weight range of 80-85 g (excluding the extra weights), this blade allows for further customization of weight and balance.

Welcome to the future! Cybershape Wood CWT marks the evolution of the Cybershape family, renowned for its revolutionary design that propelled Truls Möregårdh to the 2021 World Cup final. This factory-lacquered, offensive blade comprises five exclusive wooden layers, engineered to complement a diverse range of STIGA table tennis rubbers, catering to a broad spectrum of playing styles.

Innovatively equipped with STIGA CWT (Custom Weight Technology), Cybershape Wood CWT is the world's first table tennis blade to offer this groundbreaking feature. The ability to adjust weight and balance using three magnetic weights ensures a flexible blade adaptable to various playing styles.

Beyond its revolutionary shape and optimized hitting area, Cybershape Wood CWT offers clear advantages for game development and technical skill enhancement. The blade's six edges facilitate easy angle adjustment, aiding both players and coaches in achieving optimal stroke execution.

Whether you're embarking on your table tennis journey or striving for elite-level performance, Cybershape Wood CWT is the ideal companion to support your progress every step of the way.