Stiga Mantra PRO H Table Tennis Rubber

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Introducing the Stiga Mantra PRO H Table Tennis Rubber - a game-changer for aggressive players seeking unparalleled power and spin. Engineered with precision and distinction in Japan, and designed in collaboration with top Chinese players, this rubber delivers world-class performance.

The unique geometry of the Mantra Pro H is tailored to suit a wide range of playing styles and players, from budding talents to seasoned professionals. Its hard, 50-degree sponge offers superior speed, power, and precision, allowing you to dominate the game with quick finishes and devastating spin.

Equipped with Oxygen Capsule System (OCS) technology, this rubber generates a higher arc and catapult effect during loop play, resulting in crisp strokes and increased feeling. The special combination of natural and synthetic rubber ensures long-term durability, making it more resilient than previous generations.

With Stiga's commitment to quality and expertise, the Mantra Pro H embodies the perfect balance between high speed and control. Elevate your game today with this exceptional table tennis rubber. Made in Japan, designed in Sweden.