Tibhar Hybrid K3 Table Tennis Rubber

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Introducing the Tibhar Hybrid K3 Table Tennis Rubber – a perfect fusion of power and precision. This rubber stands out with its unique blend of tackiness and dynamic characteristics, setting a new standard for performance on the table.

Equipped with a firm sponge base, the Hybrid K3 delivers lightning-fast speeds while maintaining exceptional accuracy. Whether you're responding to undercut shots or unleashing spin-loaded topspins, this rubber offers effortless control, enabling you to assert dominance in every match.

Boasting an impressive speed rating of 118, a control rating of 100, and a spin rating of 130, the Hybrid K3 caters specifically to offensive players seeking a competitive edge. Its 53° hardness and 2.0 mm thickness ensures optimal power transmission and precise shot execution.

Available in classic black or vibrant red, the Hybrid K3 allows you to express your style on the table. Say goodbye to ordinary rubbers – unlock boundless potential with the Tibhar Hybrid K3 Table Tennis Rubber. Master your game with confidence and accuracy.