Tibhar Quantum X Pro Table Tennis Rubber

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Introducing the Tibhar Quantum X Pro Table Tennis Rubber – the ultimate game-changer. With improved speed and a superior "rotation/ball trajectory" ratio, this rubber offers unparalleled control and power. The harder sponge delivers explosive energy to your strokes, while the dynamic and adhering surface ensures optimal performance.

Experience the revolutionary POP (PERFORMANCE ON POINT) technology, which seamlessly combines power and rotation for unmatched gameplay. We've crafted this rubber to not only meet but exceed your expectations, pushing the boundaries of speed and spin.

Achieving its full potential requires dedication and practice. As you strive to master this rubber, be prepared to challenge both yourself and your opponents. Featuring a speed rating of 125, control rating of 80, and spin rating of 120, this 2.0mm thick rubber with a hardness of 47.5° is designed for offensive play.

Choose from black or red to suit your style. Take your table tennis skills to new heights with the Tibhar Quantum X Pro Table Tennis Rubber. Are you ready to dominate the game?