Xiom Vega Europe Table Tennis Rubber

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Introducing the Xiom Vega Europe Table Tennis Rubber – your secret weapon for ultimate control and soft sensations on the table. Designed with a pimple in, black sponge, this rubber allows you to easily overcome your opponent's strong rotation while maintaining precise ball control.

With a spin rating of 7.0, speed rating of 7.9, and precision rating of 8.2, this rubber offers the perfect balance of power and accuracy. The hardness of 42.5 ensures optimal performance, while the thickness options of 2.0 and MAX allow you to customize your game.

Made in Germany, this rubber is crafted using Xiom's cutting-edge Hyper Elasto technology. The Big Window effect increases your success rate by enlarging the effective attack window, allowing for confident drive attacks that stay within your opponent's court.

Additionally, the Carbo Sponge with carbon particles provides unmatched energy efficiency and stability on dynamics. Don't settle for less when you can experience excellence with Xiom.