Victas V>15 Extra Table Tennis Rubber

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Take your offensive game to new heights with the Victas V>15 Extra Table Tennis Rubber. Designed for aggressive players, this high-end rubber delivers unparalleled power and energy conversion. The innovative 47.5° offensive sponge provides a solid feel and exceptional performance in topspin rallies. With the spin-optimized top rubber sheet, you'll experience unlimited potential for generating spin.

The Victas V>15 Extra is the ultimate weapon for demanding offensive players who rely on aggressive topspins and topspin-to-topspin rallies. Its speed rating of 9.3, combined with a spin rating of 9.2, ensures that you'll dominate the game with blistering shots while maintaining control with a rating of 8.9.

Unlock your true potential on the table with the Victas V>15 Extra Table Tennis Rubber. Get yours today and experience the next level of offensive play.