Victas V>22 Double Extra Table Tennis Rubber

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Are you ready to take your table tennis game to new heights? Introducing the Victas V>22 Double Extra Table Tennis Rubber, a revolutionary innovation in rubber technology. Developed in collaboration with top players like Koki Niwa and Liam Pitchford, this rubber offers unparalleled speed and spin ratings that will leave your opponents in awe.

The Select top sheet ensures optimal ball contact, allowing for explosive shots with incredible precision. The open-pore sponge design enhances the power of your attacking style, making it perfect for aggressive players who rely on speed. But don't worry, despite its unrivaled power, the V>22 Double Extra offers exceptional stability, enabling you to place your attacks with utmost precision.

With a speed rating of 9.2, a spin rating of 9.5, and a control rating of 9.6, this rubber is designed for players who demand nothing but the best. Experience the advantage of this slightly tacky rubber and unleash your full potential on the table.