XIOM OMEGA IV PRO Table Tennis Rubber

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Introducing the XIOM OMEGA IV PRO Table Tennis Rubber, a revolutionary choice tailored for versatile gameplay. Engineered with a finely tuned balance and a pimple-in design, this rubber boasts unparalleled flexibility and durability. Feel the force of spin as it catapults the ball with remarkable velocity, elevating your offensive capabilities to new heights. Prepare for devastating topspin attacks that keep opponents on their toes.

With an impressive SPIN rating of 7.9, SPEED rating of 8.2, and PRECISION rating of 8.0, this rubber delivers unrivaled performance at the table. Its hardness rating of 47.5 ensures precise control and responsiveness, allowing you to dictate the pace of the game. Choose between the Red or Black variants to match your personal style.

Fueled by HYPER ELASTO technology, this rubber maximizes your chances of success through its Big Window effect. The expanded attack window provides ample room for confident drive attacks, minimizing errors and asserting dominance in rallies.

Setting itself apart, the CARBO SPONGE utilized in this rubber introduces a distinctive energy mechanism, coupled with a top sheet, for exceptional stability and dynamism. True to XIOM's commitment to excellence, every aspect of this rubber is meticulously designed to enhance performance.

Elevate your gameplay and assert your authority on the court with the XIOM OMEGA IV PRO Table Tennis Rubber. Experience precision, power, and unparalleled control with every stroke.