XIOM OMEGA V PRO Table Tennis Rubber

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Experience top-level play with the XIOM OMEGA V PRO Table Tennis Rubber. Designed for professional players, this pimple-in rubber offers exceptional ball attraction during top spin attacks. With its excellent spin and speed, it gives you an edge on the court.

The XIOM OMEGA V PRO provides a sense of stability when bouncing the ball back, making it perfect for quick counter-attack plays, especially in backhand situations. Its SPIN rating of 8.0, SPEED rating of 8.5, and PRECISION rating of 8.7 ensure unmatched performance. The 45.0 hardness and maximum thickness provide ideal control and power.

The HYPER ELASTO technology enhances your drive attack by enlarging the effective attack window. This means higher success rates and reduced misses, allowing you to confidently take control of each rally.

With the CARBO SPONGE's unique energy mechanism, this rubber offers superior dynamics and stability. The carbon particles in the sponge create a perfect balance with the top sheet, resulting in exceptional performance on every shot.

Choose the XIOM OMEGA V PRO Table Tennis Rubber and elevate your game to new heights. Get ready to dominate the competition with unrivaled precision and power.