XIOM OMEGA VII TOUR i Table Tennis Rubber

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Introducing the XIOM OMEGA VII TOUR i Table Tennis Rubber, a custom-made rubber designed exclusively for national team players. This limited edition rubber features pimple in black sponge, offering exceptional performance and precision.

With a focus on top-class players, each rubber undergoes meticulous tuning procedures, ensuring a small tolerance range for optimal performance. The SPIN, SPEED, and PRECISION ratings of 9.9 make this rubber perfect for players seeking ultimate control and power. The hardness options of 48.0, 50.0, 53.0, and 55.0 allow you to customize your game.

Powered by the innovative ELASTO FUTURA technology, this rubber boasts three cutting-edge advancements. CYCLOID utilizes a deep learning methodology to enhance offense and defense strategies. DYNAMIC FRICTION, inspired by snow tire technology, enables aggressive spin with accumulated energy. Finally, CARBO SPONGE optimizes energy synchronization for maximum performance.

Embrace the future of table tennis with XIOM OMEGA VII TOUR i Table Tennis Rubber - the ultimate choice for serious players aiming for national team level skills. Available in red or black color options and maximum thickness.