XIOM VEGA PRO Table Tennis Rubber

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Introducing the XIOM VEGA PRO Table Tennis Rubber - the ultimate choice for professional players seeking a perfect balance of spin and stability. Designed with a hard yet stable feeling, this rubber excels in fast top spin rallies, delivering exceptional speed and precise control.

With a spin rating of 7.2, speed rating of 8.0, and precision rating of 7.9, this rubber offers the winning edge you need to dominate the game. Its hardness level of 47.5 ensures optimal performance, while the maximum thickness guarantees enhanced power and control.

Made in Germany, this rubber showcases the cutting-edge HYPER ELASTO technology. The innovative Big Window effect increases your success rate by expanding the "effective attack window." Drive attacks are executed with confidence as the ball safely passes into your opponent's court, reducing misses and allowing you to lead the rally boldly.

The XIOM VEGA PRO also features the unique CARBO SPONGE, which provides unmatched energy efficiency and stability. Its carbon particle-infused composition delivers superior dynamics, ensuring every shot is executed with precision.

Choose the XIOM VEGA PRO Table Tennis Rubber and experience unrivaled performance. Elevate your game to new heights with this pinnacle of excellence.