XIOM VEGA X Table Tennis Rubber

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Introducing the XIOM VEGA X Table Tennis Rubber, a true game-changer for close-to-the-table play. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, this rubber is a testament to excellence and innovation, crafted with the latest technology.

With a SPIN rating of 8.4, SPEED of 8.0, and PRECISION of 8.4, this rubber delivers unrivaled performance. Its pimple IN design with a black sponge ensures enhanced control and accuracy. The HARDNESS rating of 47.5 adds power to your shots, while the MAX thickness guarantees optimal performance.

Made in Germany, the XIOM VEGA X is built on ELASTO FUTURA technology, a cutting-edge AI-driven platform. Developed using CYCLOID, a deep learning methodology, it offers superior offense and defense capabilities. DYNAMIC FRICTION, inspired by snow tire technology, allows for aggressive spin and greater tolerance during contact.

Experience the ultimate in table tennis performance with the XIOM VEGA X Table Tennis Rubber. Choose from three vibrant colors: Magenta, Red, or Black.