Yasaka Rakza 7 Table Tennis Rubber

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Make every shot count with the Yasaka RAKZA 7 Table Tennis Rubber! This innovative rubber features a tacky top sheet made from natural rubber gum that generates unbelievable spin and precision. With RAKZA 7, you'll have pinpoint control to place shots exactly where you want.

  • Revolutionary natural gum top sheet for extreme spin and accuracy
  • New Power Sponge provides speed and power for aggressive shots
  • Sharp serves and effortless short game with superb control
  • Increased durability from higher natural rubber content

Designed for competitive players seeking an extra edge, the RAKZA 7 rubber gives you the tools to outmaneuver and outplay opponents. The hybrid energy from the gum sheet and power sponge let you vary spin, speed, and placement to keep opponents guessing. Upgrade your game with RAKZA 7 today!