Yinhe SP-17 Table Tennis Robot

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Gross weight: 4.5 kg Net weight: 3.5 kg Package volume: 41*36*32CM Rated voltage: 100-240V Rated power: 36W The ball rotation: topspin backspin is not about side spin spin Ball out frequency: 40-70/ minutes Ball speed: 4-40M/S ? Big ball storage: 110 A ball: Taiwan is not fixed Can adjust the angle of the ball up and down Random adjustment of the left and right angle 1 new PANG HUI table tennis serving machine to configure the wired remote control to allow you to better operate the use of PANG HUI\’s various functions! You can have no need to leave the table. 2 the ball container is filled with table tennis balls, which can accommodate about 110 table tennis balls. 3 twist the rotary button, the modulation of the most suitable for their own spin ball. 4 to reverse the frequency of the button, the modulation of the most suitable for their frequency of service. 5 according to their own preferences, adjust the position of the machine. Frequency of the ball The frequency of the ball from left to right from the slow to fast adjustment Rotary ball control Different rotary files located in different spin of the stalls, modulation of different spin to the ball, Hui pang can let you according to their own needs, the modulation for their own spin to the ball. 1 spin – spin modulation is more than 2, 1 HUI PANG backspin, conveying the ball to spin out. 2 – 1 modulation topspin backspin, backspin is above 2, HUI PANG delivers the ball down spin out. 3 spin – spin spin for the same digital modulation, HUI PANG delivers the ball will not spin out straight. Multiple points out of the ball Swing frequency from left to right by slow to fast adjustment.