Yinhe VENUS V-13 Table Tennis Blade

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Yinhe Venus V-13 Table Tennis Blade

Unlock your full potential with the Yinhe Venus V-13 Table Tennis Blade, the ultimate choice for aggressive players. This 2010 upgrade from the Galaxy K-3 blade is thicker, lighter, and faster, transforming it into a close-to-table attack powerhouse.

Featuring advanced CarboKev technology, this blade seamlessly blends carbon fiber's sweet-spot precision with Kevlar’s softer feel, ensuring consistent flicks and controlled blocks. The enhanced thickness offers superior stability, making it ideal for quick, powerful strikes.

Crafted for those who seek both speed and finesse, the Yinhe Venus V-13 lets you dominate your game with unmatched confidence. Elevate your performance and experience the perfect balance of power and control.

Key Features:

  • Thicker and lighter design for increased speed
  • CarboKev fiber for consistent flicks and controlled blocks
  • Close-to-table attack blade for aggressive play

Upgrade to the Yinhe Venus V-13 Table Tennis Blade and take your game to the next level!