Yinhe Venus V-15 Table Tennis Blade

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Yinhe Venus V-15 Table Tennis Blade: Ultimate Precision and Power

Elevate your game with the Yinhe Venus V-15 Table Tennis Blade. Designed for high-level players, this blade is the pinnacle of speed and smooth looping. As the 2010 successor to the Galaxy K-5, it boasts an impressive 7.0mm thickness, ensuring unmatched power and control.

Featuring advanced CarboKev technology, the V-15 combines Carbon Fiber and Kevlar for an expansive sweet spot with a softer touch. This makes it ideal for tactical blocks and aggressive put-away loops. With an OFF+ speed rating, it’s tailored for those who demand excellence in every stroke.

Experience the perfect blend of precision and performance. Whether you’re executing fast loops or strategic blocks, the Yinhe Venus V-15 is your go-to choice for dominating the table.

Key Features:

  • Successor to the Galaxy K-5
  • 7.0mm thick for superior power
  • CarboKev technology: Carbon Fiber + Kevlar
  • OFF+ speed rating

Unleash your full potential with the Yinhe Venus V-15 Table Tennis Blade—where performance meets perfection.