Butterfly Dignics 05 Table Tennis Rubber

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Butterfly Dignics 05 Table Tennis Rubber - Enhanced Grip, High Elasticity, Superior Spin Performance

- [SPRING SPONGE X TECHNOLOGY] Utilizes the new and improved Spring Sponge X technology for increased grip and a powerful catapult effect on impact.
- [ADVANCED SURFACE SHEET] The advanced surface sheet and Code 05 pimples structure provide superior spin performance and a grippy surface for enhanced control.
- [LONG-LASTING DURABILITY] The hard sponge combined with the new top sheet offers exceptional resistance to abrasion, resulting in a longer playable lifespan and minimal loss of elasticity over time.
- [RECOMMENDED FOR MODERN OFFENSIVE PLAY] Perfect for aggressive players focused on spin, with improved passive control against incoming spin and enhanced performance in serve-receive play.
- [USED BY PROFESSIONAL] Trusted and used by superstar Timo Boll on his backhand side, relying on the power and spin performance of DIGNICS 05.

The Butterfly Dignics 05 Table Tennis Rubber is a game-changer for any serious player seeking enhanced grip, high elasticity, and superior spin performance. Featuring the innovative Spring Sponge X technology and an advanced surface sheet, this rubber provides an unparalleled combination of grip and power. The hard sponge and durable top sheet ensure longevity, making the DIGNICS 05 playable for a longer time without compromising elasticity. Recommended for modern offensive play, it offers exceptional control against incoming spin and excels in serve-receive situations. Trusted by professional player Timo Boll, this rubber is a top choice for those looking to take their game to the next level.