Butterfly Diode V Table Tennis Blade

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Introducing the Butterfly Diode V Table Tennis Blade - the ultimate weapon for defensive players who crave powerful attacks. Crafted with precision in Japan, this defensive model is designed to take your game to new heights.

With a reaction rating of 10.6 and a vibration level of 7.9, this blade offers exceptional control and stability. The all-wood construction ensures reliable defense, while allowing you to seize every opportunity to launch aggressive attacks.

Measuring 165 x 156mm, with a blade thickness of 5.7mm and weighing just 97g, this blade is lightweight and maneuverable. The 5-ply wood construction enhances your ability to generate heavy backspin shots, making it an ideal choice for defensive players seeking a competitive edge.

Unlock your potential with the Butterfly Diode V Table Tennis Blade - the perfect fusion of defense and attack. Get ready to dominate the game like never before.