Butterfly Wakaba 1000 Table Tennis Readymade Racket/Bat

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Introducing the Butterfly Wakaba 1000 Table Tennis Ready-made Racket, an ideal selection for novice players in the sport. Crafted to deliver excellent control, consistent speed, and spin, this racket ensures a harmonious blend of performance.

Its 5-ply wood composition and ergonomically designed flared concave handle offer a comfortable grip, while the Wakaba rubber, known for its superior control and spin, enhances overall gameplay. Endorsed by the International Table Tennis Federation, this racket is specifically recommended for those at the introductory level. Embark on your table tennis journey with assurance by choosing the Butterfly Wakaba 1000.

Blade Construction: 5-Ply Wood
Flared - Concave Center - The Most Popular Style
Rubber: Wakaba - Sponge Thickness (mm): 1.7 Both sides
Specially Recommended for Novice Players
International Table Tennis Federation Approval Granted