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Customised Table Tennis Bat Intermediate Level - 1

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Yasaka Mark V Rubber: The Yasaka Mark V stands as one of the most venerable and renowned rubbers in the annals of table tennis history. Introduced back in 1969, it played a pivotal role in transforming the sport, demonstrating that a robust topspin attacking style not only had merit but would go on to dominate table tennis from the 1970s to the present day. Today, the Mark V remains distinguished by its adhesive surface, moderate sponge, and exceptional control. It remains a favored option for novices using an all-round blade and continues to be embraced in high-level play when boosted and paired with a more offensive blade.

JOOLA Carbon Table Tennis Blade:

The JOOLA Carbon Table Tennis Blade is engineered to deliver a harmonious blend of speed, control, and responsiveness. Incorporating carbon layers amplifies the blade's sweet spot and reactivity, making it an enticing choice for players seeking these attributes in their equipment.


The JOOLA Carbon Blade consists of a total of 7 plies.
It comprises 5 layers of wood veneers and 2 layers of carbon.
Carbon Layers:

The 2 carbon layers contribute to the blade's responsiveness.
Carbon layers are renowned for enlarging the sweet spot, providing an expanded area on the blade that optimizes performance.
Wood Composition:

The wood veneers are structured as follows:
0.8mm Ayous
0.6mm Ayous
0.15mm Carbon
3.5mm Tungwood
0.15mm Carbon
0.6mm Ayous
0.8mm Ayous
Blade Thickness:

The final thickness of the blade is approximately 6.20mm, with a tolerance of ± 0.20mm.
Playing Characteristics:

The inclusion of carbon layers aims to enhance responsiveness and tactile feedback.
The specific wood composition and thickness suggest a balance between speed and control.
Sweet Spot:

The expanded sweet spot resulting from the carbon layers is advantageous for players seeking forgiveness without sacrificing performance.

Nittaku Bat Cover or Yinhe Bat Cover: (according to availability)

Provides optimal cushioning for table tennis bats.

Racket Assembly Service:

Includes affixing both rubbers onto the bat using water-based glue and applying edge tape to the sides of the bat.