DHS Hurricane 9-GREEN Table Tennis Rubber

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Stand Out From the Crowd with the Eye-Catching DHS Hurricane 9-GREEN Table Tennis Rubber

With its vibrant green color and impressive performance features, the DHS Hurricane 9-GREEN table tennis rubber is sure to grab attention. Equipped with flexible pimples and a soft high-elastic sponge, this rubber offers:

  • Versatile playing styles from controlled spin to powerful drives
  • Swift changes in speed and spin for deceptive play
  • Excellent flexibility for continuous attacking sequences

The DHS Hurricane 9-GREEN allows you to unleash a diversity of shots. The flexible pimples adapt to different sponge hardnesses while the fast-recovering high-elastic sponge generates excellent spin and speed. Small and medium strength strokes can produce multiple levels of speed and spin thanks to the rubber's impressive flexibility and control.

Table tennis players looking to add variation and unpredictability to their game need the DHS Hurricane 9-GREEN. With its eye-catching color and ability to swiftly change pace and spin, this rubber will have your opponents guessing. Unleash your full potential at the table with this versatile and dynamic rubber.