DHS Wind SR-A Table Tennis Blade

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Introducing the DHS Wind SR-A Table Tennis Blade – the optimal choice for players in search of precise control and a gentle touch in their shots. Constructed with a classical 5-layer design, this all-around blade delivers outstanding control without compromising speed.

Ideal for those transitioning to club-level table tennis equipment, the DHS Wind SR-A boasts an impressive control rating of 9 and a speed rating of 7+, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and responsiveness on the table. Whether you're refining your technique or dominating opponents, this blade will enhance your game to new levels.

Crafted with your requirements in mind, the DHS Wind SR-A Table Tennis Blade ensures a comfortable grip and superb handling. Its 5-layer structure guarantees durability and stability, enabling you to unleash your full potential with each stroke. Seize control of the game with this exceptional blade and immerse yourself in a table tennis experience like never before.