DONIC Appelgren Exclusive AR Table Tennis Blade

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Master the ball with the DONIC Appelgren Exclusive AR Table Tennis Blade. Designed for allround players who value precision and control, this lightweight blade offers an exceptional feel and excellent control. Crafted with 5 veneers made of ayous (core veneer), ayous (2+4), and limba (1+5, outer veneer), it provides harmonious playing characteristics that allow you to place your shots with pinpoint accuracy.

Speed isn't everything in table tennis, and this blade understands that. With a focus on control and precise ball placement, it empowers you to win points strategically. The DONIC Appelgren Exclusive AR Table Tennis Blade offers high-quality performance at a great value, making it the perfect choice for players seeking superior control and versatility. Available in four different speed versions, this blade is sure to elevate your game to new heights.
SPEED - 109
SPIN - 110
HARDNESS - 47,5°